Construction applied engineering

Our company is designed to be able to solve any problem that your project has or may have, whether it be in terms of selected constructive system, design, budget, execution time, coordination among suppliers, selection of materials, work team, alternatives, manufacturing special profiles for your project, new developments in the construction sector, latest trends, direct communication with the most important suppliers in the market. All this supported by a long experience in the construction sector, and with countless projects carried out in different countries.


Our clients are usually from different sectors within the world of construction, architects, builders, real estate, metal carpenters, even private clients, all of them are unified by one end, to find the best solution to their projects, in the shortest time possible with the best price. In this purpose we put all our effort and experience, and the results obtained in the different projects around the world guarantee us.


Our services cover all phases of the project, according to the needs of the client, being able to adhere to the project in any phase of them:

Project design

Due to our long experience and knowledge of the new constructive tendencies, we usually collaborate with the facultative Direction in the initial development of the project, advising on the latest developments in the sector, as well as analyzing the different pros and cons of each element.

Materials and systems selection

Continuously appear in the different existing brands in the market, new materials and systems that improve and facilitate the development of a project, being at technical, constructive, aesthetic or even economical level, solving problems of old components that demonstrated over the time hidden problems, the analysis of each and every one of them will make us take the right decision for our project.

Sometimes what we need sometimes does not exist

In occasions we need some special element that does not exist in the market, and the job or the Direction of the project requires it, such as special profiles, or accessories, in those cases our design department is responsible for solving the theme by providing all their knowledge in getting that element with all the necessary guarantees for the project to go ahead as required, giving the project a special touch of exclusivity that difference it.

Selecting of suitable suppliers

The selection of a good supplier is fundamental in every project, but not always the most famous is the most appropriate, it is equally important, to value the price as delivery time, seriousness in their actions as the quality of their products, or their guarantee of future replacements.


Kryser has always been aware that we cannot limit ourselves to serve the customer only what we are capable of produce in our facilities, the project is always important, and if we have found something that companies in the sector are specialized in, we didn’t hesitated to advise this product and incorporate it into the project, and thus we have managed to achieve not only customer satisfaction, but also that a large number of the best companies in the sector passed from competitors to collaborators. The project that wins makes us all win.

Work team of installers

At Kryser we have a team of installers, with a long experience in the construction of large projects, as well as a selection of independent installers with whom we have already collaborated, and which allow us to tackle projects in different countries where it is very difficult to find professionals in this sector, able to carry out projects with the new technologies that the project needs, the selection and training of local staff by our teams is fundamental to create a team capable of carrying out the project in record time and with the maximum guarantees of efficiency, at the best possible cost.

Coordination between different professions

A fundamental part for a project to be successful is, the preparation and accomplishment by the different providers of the action planning of each of them, in their start and end time, a mismanagement can lead to total chaos, Increasing its price or making impossible even its achievement, we are aware that we are part of a collective project and that the action of each of the parties has an impact on the others.

On-site results of verification

During the execution of the project, our managers on site give us daily reports of the state of the work and have at all times the technical advice necessary to solve any doubts that may arise, however the technical management of the company, control on site the state of the same and make sure everything works as planned from its inception, adjusting if necessary to changing situations that could arise by force majeure.

Price adjustment to the budget

The knowledge of the different elements necessary for the realization of the project, allow us to know and adjust the prices of these elements in order to obtain for our client, the most advantageous option, adapting us to the needs that the project needs or deserves.


Years of experience

Our company collects the experience from the early Sixties when Mr. Manuel Ferrer Estada began workings in a small workshop (less than 100 m2) in the city of Sagunto in Valencia.